The nurse call solution you need

Your care team works around the clock to meet the needs of your residents knowing full well accidents can, and do, happen without warning. With the touch of a button, you’re alerted to a potential fall, a resident who has wandered, or a resident’s need for assistance anywhere in the building. With an integrated Emergency Alert System, you keep residents safe while providing peace of mind for family members and staff.

We know you have many choices when it comes to nurse call systems, but there is only one that provides OnCall service and immediate administrative assistance to keep your system operating at peak performance 24/7.

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Fairchild OnCall

Considering a Nurse Call System upgrade or building a new senior living community?

Fairchild OnCall is the safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution. We deeply understand the needs of the onsite team and those who build, own and manage senior living communities. With OnCall emergency service, immediate administrative assistance, as well as repair and replacement of any damaged devices, Fairchild OnCall provides the technology you need to keep seniors safe while cutting your capital costs.

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