Wireless Nurse Alert

Emergency alert is a required life safety system in most senior living communities. With the touch of a button, your care team is alerted to respond to your resident’s immediate need.

At Fairchild OnCall we deeply understand what matters to you: response time, resident location, analyzing care team efficiency, regulatory compliance, and managing cost.

Fairchild OnCall is the safe, efficient, and cost-effective emergency alert solution.

Fairchild OnCall changes everything.

Fairchild OnCall is the innovative and cost-effective solution that puts you in control. Reduce your capital expense, maintain a consistent operational expense, and keep your technology fresh and fully functional. Plus, our dedicated Customer Service team monitors and proactively resolves most problems BEFORE they ever reach you or your customers.

Fairchild OnCall coverage includes:

  • Wireless nurse call hardware & software
  • Professional installation
  • Direct access to customer service agents
  • Data & software administration including proactive maintenance, updates & back up
  • Device damage protection including repair & replacement
  • Emergency service included
  • $0 Unbudgeted or unexpected expenses

CapEx vs. OpEx

Technology systems have typically been purchased as a capital investment expense. Ongoing maintenance, replacements, management, and updates have been handled onsite. Unexpected system failures, repairs, replacements, and ongoing service could be cost prohibitive and cause innumerable problems.



  • Pay 50% down & 50% at installation
  • Pay for all site administration, maintenance & service
  • Pay for every device replacement
  • Pay for truck/trip & after-hours emergency service fees
  • Only depreciation is deductible from revenue*

*Consult your CPA

Fairchild OnCall


  • $0 to 50% down & monthly payment
  • Administration, proactive maintenance & service included
  • Repair & replacement of damaged devices included
  • Truck/trip & after-hours emergency service included
  • Depreciation & OpEx deductible from revenue*

Learn more about how we can help effectively alert designated members to the immediate needs of patients and residents throughout your facility.

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