CASE STUDY: Finding a home at Fairchild

At Fairchild Communication Systems Inc., technology is at the core of what we do. But it’s the people who make up the Fairchild Communications work family that really drive our success. Our team, aligned with our core values, are our greatest asset to our customers – that’s the Fairchild Advantage. 


CASE STUDY: Ft. Wayne Area Hospitals

Fairchild Communication Systems is honored to provide services to three of the largest hospitals in the Fort Wayne area. Our Fort Wayne team provides an array of innovative solutions to make sure Lutheran, Parkview, and Goshen hospital facilities are operating efficiently, and their patients and staff are kept safe.

CASE STUDY: St. Joseph Catholic Church

As COVID-19 continues, maintaining a high-quality worship service experience for churchgoers has become a challenge for many places of worship. Without access to proper broadcasting equipment or in-person services, congregations were forced to go without. St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lebanon, IN experienced these difficulties firsthand, and was eager to find a solution to provide a meaningful worship experience for members of the church who didn’t feel comfortable attending in-person or were unable due to illness or quarantine guidelines.

CASE STUDY: Boosting the Cell Signal at Saginaw County Jail

Every aspect of the new $38.8 million Saginaw County Jail in Saginaw, Michigan was designed for inmate and officer security.
From the innovative and centrally located officer command center layout to fewer bars and more doors, Sheriff William Federspiel and his team succeeded in building a state-of-the-art adult detention center. No matter the obstacles or challenges presented by unique facilities with operational needs hindering cell signal availability, Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc., can design a solution to keep your team connected and effectively communicating.

CASE STUDY: Plainfield Community School Corporation

Located in Indiana, Plainfield Community School Corporation was in the market for new school paging intercom systems for three of its elementary schools. The manufacturer of their current systems no longer existed and the district knew it was only a matter of time before the aged products needed an update. Staying proactive, John Crum, Director of Technology for Plainfield Community School Corporation, invited Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. and three other companies to propose new systems.

Columbus East High School Auditorium

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation was struggling to complete the renovation of the Columbus East The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation was struggling to complete the renovation of the Columbus East High School auditorium. They wanted to provide students with a state-of-the-art learning environment capable of presenting high-quality student and community products.

Introducing the latest in school communications and safety technology

Schools across America rely on public address, intercom and paging systems every day to effectively communicate across sprawling campuses and into individual classrooms. From delivering morning announcements to spreading potentially life-saving directions during severe weather or an emergency situation, a school communication system must be capable, reliable and easy to use.