Chuck Fairchild

{ President and Founder }

Letter from the President

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. We live in an age of technology, and there are many companies to choose from to meet your specific needs; I’m honored  you would give our team the opportunity to earn your business.

When I started Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc., I was challenged with the question, “What will make this company great?” I am a firm believer in serving the needs of my customers, working hard to meet their schedules, and providing systems that will last well into the future. Personal integrity, customer commitment and value are the elements of our early success, and they are still what fuel our incredible growth today.

I’ve been asked, “What is the most valuable asset of Fairchild Communications?” There is no doubt in my mind: it is THE PEOPLE.  The people of Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. are passionate about listening to your specific needs and finding cost-effective solutions to fill those needs. Though the systems we provide are manufactured by some of the biggest names in our industry, it is truly the people of Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. who are committed to making these systems perform, and to making sure your people have a strong understanding of their new technology.

Once again, I’m honored that you have given our team the opportunity to serve your systems needs. I am confident we will exceed your highest expectations.


Charles W. Fairchild II, RCDD CTS-I
President, Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc.

Executive Leadership Team

Fairchild Chuck-Fairchild

Chuck Fairchild

{ President and Founder }
Fairchild Mark-Hemphill

Mark Hemphill

{ Chief Financial Officer (CFO) }
Fairchild Matthew-Ranft

Matthew Ranft

{ Director of Sales and Marketing }
Fairchild Shannon-Almon

Shannon Almon

{ Director of Engineering }
Fairchild Derek-Roach

Derek Roach

{ Director of Operations }
Fairchild Greg-Baldwin

Greg Baldwin

{ Fort Wayne Branch Manager }
Fairchild Roxy


{ Director of Human Resources }

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