Fairchild Roxy{ Director of Human Resources }

As Director of Human Resources, I, Roxy, work like a dog. Although I’ve only been with FCS for three years, it seems like 21 in human years. I’ve been known to chase my tail a time or two, and I’m perfect for sniffing around and picking up leftover stuff off the floor. Most importantly, I calm down the humans. I got my start at FCS several years ago when I was left for abandonment or worse at a Starbuck’s in Zionsville. A Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. team member, Brendan Murphy, happened to be there and took me in, wondering how could anybody leave a sweet puppy like me! He sent around a photo to help find a permanent home for me, and luckily, estimator Fred Roach couldn’t resist my adorable face! Today, maybe I bark up the wrong tree sometimes, but I work about three days a week at the office taking care of the great humans we have coming in and out. Oh, and on my days off, I do a little squirrel hunting and play Ultimate Frisbee.

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