Performing Arts Technology Upgrade – Columbus East High School Auditorium

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation was struggling to complete the renovation of the Columbus East High School auditorium. They wanted to provide students with a state-of-the-art learning environment capable of presenting high-quality student and community products. However, the project was over budget and in danger of being cancelled when we bid on the Corporation’s RFP.

Our mission was to identify solutions that would meet their goals while cutting costs to stay within budget.

After reviewing the auditorium’s design, we proposed a customized speaker solution from Clair Brothers. Clair Brothers is known for their unique approach to sound engineering and design: creating custom audio systems for each production space.

In this case, we worked with Clair to perform an acoustic modeling of the auditorium and design a system of 2-speaker overhead clusters that would deliver sound efficiently and effectively throughout the room via a “rifle vs. shotgun” approach.

In addition to the Clair Brothers speakers, we installed a Yamaha 32×24 mixing console, which provided a full-featured, cost-effective way for students to practice sound engineering without changing too many essential settings or damaging production quality.

We also updated the wireless microphone system and installed a powerful video projector, as well as Vaddio cameras to provide broadcasting capabilities via closed circuit television and streaming services to backstage and overflow locations.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help the Corporation salvage the auditorium improvement project via innovative solutions that meet the school’s need for sound quality and student learning.

Our team can’t wait to attend one of the school’s productions to see our work in action!

Systems installed by Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc.:

  • Clair Brothers 2-speaker overhead clusters
  • Yamaha 32×24 mixing console
  • Vaddio camera system