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Keeping up with today’s rapidly changing healthcare technology is a challenge.

Whether it's your nurse call system, real time locating system, digital whiteboards, or your communication infrastructure, you need a trusted partner who is deeply committed to understanding all aspects of healthcare communication, security, and safety technology.

Let the experts at Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. help you.

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Enhancing patient safety, increasing efficiency, and improving the bottom line are three benchmarks our clients routinely look for when choosing a new healthcare solution. With over 20 years of experience, our Healthcare Solutions team provides reliable expert assistance on a broad range of comprehensive solutions.  

At Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc., we make it a priority to enhance both the provider and patient experience by providing cutting-edge products, safety systems, alert systems, surveillance, and certified technicians.

Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is proud to be a trusted healthcare technology provider and installer for healthcare organizations from acute care hospitals to assisted, and skilled care facilities throughout the Midwest, and beyond. Our team is dedicated to solving your greatest communication, safety, and security challenges with cost-effective planning, design, installation, implementation, service, training and maintenance. Our technology solutions minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and provide peace of mind for everyone in your facility. From digital whiteboards, intercoms, and video surveillance to reliable emergency alerting and mass notification, our wide array of healthcare technology systems will put you where you need to be right when you’re needed.  

We understand the rapid changes taking place in the healthcare technology industry. Our knowledgeable team of experts can help provide you with the systems and solutions you need to provide a better patient journey, improve staff engagement, and reduce stress throughout your organization. We will take the time to understand your unique needs and then design and install a system that reflects where you are now, and where you want to go next.  

You can count on our technology, support, and resources through the following system services: 

You can count on our technology, support and resources with the following system services:

Ascom Acute Care Nurse Call  

Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is an Ascom Healthcare Platform partner. Ascom is the only truly comprehensive, end-to-end communication and collaboration platform for acute care. Our clinical communication solutions are interoperable with existing hospital information systems to provide swift patient response, simplify and improve coordination of workflows, and connect care teams with truly mobile care. Ascom’s advanced reporting and real-time analytics have been proven to effectively streamline nurse communication in healthcare organizations across the country. Seamless nurse communications and quick access to important data not only increases personnel efficiency and provides critical data metrics for performance measurement, but also contributes to positive patient engagement.

Looking to refresh or replace a Dukane or other outdated nurse call solution? Let Fairchild’s Healthcare engineers provide a cost effective, and updated solution.  

Status Solutions  

Fairchild partners with Status Solutions for situational awareness technology. Through our partnership you can improve workflow and collaborative care by delivering real time information to any communication device. Enhanced communication and access to information makes senior living safer and improves resident care overall.  With the right situational awareness technology, you can integrate multiple systems, automate processes, decrease alarm fatigue and improve resident care.

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs through accurate and reliable location technology. Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. partners with CenTrak and Midmark for Real Time Location Systems. RTLS is one of the best healthcare security systems for hospitals to invest in today. RTLS allow authorized users to instantly track the location of objects or people in real time. Asset tracking and management allows you to quickly find and manage your critical care equipment fleet. Avoid duplicative purchases due to lost equipment, manage preventative maintenance and improve efficiency. RTLS can also be used for environmental monitoring automatically recording temperatures, humidity levels and even air pressure. Contact your Fairchild Healthcare Engineer to learn more about how RTLS effectively keep patients and staff safe. 

Reliable end-to-end and Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted security solutions can help protect your healthcare facility, employees, patients, and valuable assets. Video surveillance and security can help healthcare providers ensure total building security with centralized monitoring and remote IP video cameras. Reduce crime including theft of drugs, data, personal property and life-saving equipment. Free up dedicated staff for high-risk patients by utilizing live monitoring AI assisted cameras. Cameras can help security teams and administrators to pinpoint incidents and accidents.  As a leading provider of security systems in healthcare, the Fairchild team can design a comprehensive system to protect your investments. 

Audio/video hospital communication systems can be deployed in patient rooms, meeting spaces, waiting rooms and anywhere needed to better communicate or share important messaging. From wayfinding and digital signage in lobbies, to patient room televisions, and even clinical diagnostic and surgical monitors, Fairchild has the AV solution you need.  With the right audio/video systems, healthcare organizations can share information between peers and educate patients in a more efficient manner. Our Fairchild Communications, Inc. team can integrate audio/video systems with the rest of your technology for even more seamless communication.  

Our partner digital whiteboard solution partner is Vizabli. Vizabli’s Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) makes real time data visible to the right people, when and where it is needed.  Better care and better outcomes start with better visibility of real-time data and more time with patients. Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is proud to partner with Vizabli to provide Midwest hospitals with state-of-the-art acute care engagement systems that improve the overall healthcare experience.  

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