Indianapolis Company Helps School Make Safety a Top Priority in Historic Building

A Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. school safety project was featured on RTV6, the Indianapolis ABC affiliate. Our team worked closely with Riverside High School and the school’s Director of Operations, Tim Porter, to address the security challenges of the 80-year-old former naval armory. Matt Ranft, Director of Sales and Marketing for Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc., discusses how their team successfully designed and integrated state-of-the-art school safety systems to ensure a secure environment in the building’s unique structure.

Cumberland Elementary: Communication System Upgrades & Installation Project.

In light of recent tragedies, it’s critical for schools to have reliable communications and security systems. Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is proud to assist in updating the intercom system at West Lafayette Cumberland Elementary to keep them well-informed and safe. Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is replacing their outdated system, providing a complete fiber optic and […]

CASE STUDY: Plainfield Community School Corporation

Located in Indiana, Plainfield Community School Corporation was in the market for new school paging intercom systems for three of its elementary schools. The manufacturer of their current systems no longer existed and the district knew it was only a matter of time before the aged products needed an update. Staying proactive, John Crum, Director of Technology for Plainfield Community School Corporation, invited Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. and three other companies to propose new systems.

Chuck Fairchild Receives Distinguished Hoosier Award

Chuck Fairchild, President of Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc., was presented with the prestigious Distinguished Hoosier Award from Robert Zetzl on behalf of Governor Eric J. Holcomb for his lengthy involvement in the community and state during his Scoutmaster retirement party in March.

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