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Protect your people and your property with tailored systems that provide around-the-clock monitoring and reporting.

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Protect Your Business, Employees, Customers and Company Assets with State-of-the-Art Life and Safety Systems in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

First, we listen. We listen to your goals and objectives in order to have a clear understanding of your Life Safety and Security needs. After a complete analysis, Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. will partner with you to link your needs with our expertise and practical solutions, from design and engineering, to planning, installation and hands-on technical support.

A leader in Life Safety and Security Systems Integration in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, we see the bigger picture, allowing our highly-trained and experienced professionals to focus on your comprehensive needs when it comes to providing a safe and secure environment. Our main focus is developing a timely integrated system that fits your design, budget and most importantly, making sure you’re fully connected and protected.

Whether your business is small or large, or if your needs are simple or complex, Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. will provide you with direct access to our cutting-edge products, safety systems, alert systems, surveillance and certified technicians, who are eager to deliver a broad range of comprehensive solutions. More importantly, we’ll move your needs forward through cost-effective planning, designing, installation, implementation, service, and maintenance for the following safety and security products and solutions that will protect your employees, your customers and your business assets.

Benefits of Life and Safety, Surveillance and Alert Systems:

  • User-friendly and efficient
  • Operational and cost-effective solution for safety
  • System integrity and protection of valuable properties
  • Integrated systems to save lives in emergency situations

Protect your people and property with our Life Safety and Security Solutions

Fire Alarms

The fire alarm system is an integration of several devices and systems to detect and warn people through audiovisual appliances in case of smoke, fire and other emergencies. They may activate automatically or manually from specific call points.

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance system enables administrators to secure premises and properties through capturing and recording images and high-quality video footage and transmit them through data links to output monitors.

Intrusion Detection

An intrusion detection system is essential to save networks and valuable data from unauthorized access and vulnerability. The system monitors and prevents malicious activity or policy violations. Any events such as a data breach, are automatically reported to an administrator or collected for further analysis.

Access Control System

Access control systems allow restrictive access to private and restricted premises to ensure full security of the property. It uses an authentication system using a PIN, smart card or biometric signatures.

Mass Notification with emergency alert systems, digital signage

Mass notification or emergency alert systems allow organizations to send alerts through different communication channels to ensure the safety of employees, customers and business assets. The alerts can be sent through many channels including mobile phone, computers and digital signage.

We provide the most up-to-date required state compliant test and inspections for:

  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Emergency/Exit Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Suppression Systems

Let our Central Monitoring with a UL/FM approved provider deliver around-the-clock alarm-signal monitoring and reporting to help keep your people and property safe and secure.

Test and inspection maintenance plans also available for:

It’s your responsibility to protect the safety of everyone who enters your building.

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