Fairchild Honored to Receive NSCA Excellence in Business Award

Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. is honored to announce that we have received a National Systems Contractors Association Excellence in Business Award. This award is given to a systems integration firm working hard to navigate and innovate in a constantly changing industry.

We received the award for Differentiating Strategies, based on our ability to carry out strategies for growth and improve efficiency despite having a limited staff. Our successful utilization of Q360 by Solutions360, allowed for more efficient data tracking and analysis, providing all of our offices with access to corporate resources to improve operations and spark organic growth.

In the past few years, thanks to the upgrade in our systems and increased efficiencies, we were able to acquire and integrate two new businesses into the Fairchild fold. This success did not go unnoticed by the NSCA, who decided to honor us with the Excellence in Business Award.

We’re grateful to the entire Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. team, who work tirelessly for the success of our customers and our company. We have no plans to stop growing and innovating, so keep your eyes out for great things ahead!