Indianapolis Company Helps School Make Safety a Top Priority in Historic Building

Riverside News

A Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. school safety project was featured on RTV6, the Indianapolis ABC affiliate. Our team worked closely with Riverside High School and the school’s Director of Operations, Tim Porter, to address the security challenges of the 80-year-old former naval armory. Matt Ranft, Director of Sales and Marketing for Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc., discusses how their team successfully designed and integrated state-of-the-art school safety systems to ensure a secure environment in the building’s unique structure.

August 24, 2018 – The anticipated renovation and modernization of one of Indianapolis’s most recognizable landmarks, the former naval armory, is now complete. The building is now home to Riverside High School students, with multiple building modifications to meet today’s technology and safety needs. Partnering with local communications company, Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc., the school successfully integrated state-of-the-art education safety systems within budget.

Riverside High School administrators worked with Fairchild Communications Systems to integrate security measures such as a mass notification system, access control, video surveillance and a fire alarm system. These security tools will fit into Riverside High School’s safety plan which will allow school leaders to monitor and protect students and staff in the building’s unique architecture.

“Knowing if doors are secure or not at any given time has been very helpful,” said Tim Porter, Director of Operations of Riverside High School. “We are able to identify who’s coming and going 24-hours a day. We are instantly alerted if someone has gained unauthorized access.”

The building has two times as many doors as a modern-built building so having access control and video surveillance to monitor all its entry and exit points is very important. With this system, school administrators can secure doors with the push of button.

The education safety systems in Riverside High School also enable students and staff to hear mass notification messages in every hallway. This is very important says Chuck Fairchild, President and Owner of Fairchild Communication Systems, because of the multiple, narrow hallways in the old building. “We want to ensure everyone can hear the messages no matter where they are,” said Fairchild.

“One of the biggest challenges in any emergency is communication,” said Porter. “Fairchild Communication Systems was able to install instant communication systems inside the building and classrooms.”

Part of the safety plans for Riverside High School and sister campus, Herron High School, are keeping security measures confidential.

“You can’t put a price tag on safety,” said Fairchild. “We are doing whatever we can to make customized safety solutions more affordable for schools.”

Fairchild Communication Systems has worked with several K-12 schools across the state to implement education safety systems.