Real-Time Location Systems for Healthcare Facilities in Indianapolis

Improve the efficiency of your facility with systems that find people, equipment, and supplies easier and faster.

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Keeping up with the demands of your healthcare facility to improve patient care is a challenge, especially in a field where urgency is the priority. Hospitals without location tracking technology lose valuable time trying to locate equipment and personnel, slowing down workflow and compromising levels of accuracy.  Additionally, when critical pieces of equipment are not easily found, staff may resort to hoarding or hiding these items, leading to expensive duplicative purchases.

Implementing a real-time location system (RTLS) in your healthcare facility makes finding people, equipment, and supplies easier and faster. RTLS technology saves money by reducing or eliminating hoarding and hiding, improves processes, and makes hospitals safer.

From acute care hospitals to assisted and skilled care facilities, Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is proud to be a trusted RTLS solutions provider for healthcare organizations throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Enhancing patient safety, increasing efficiency and improving the bottom line are three benchmarks our clients routinely look for when choosing real-time location systems. With over 20 years of experience, our Healthcare Solutions team can provide you with reliable, expert assistance on the best RTLS system for your facility.


RTLS locate what you need when you need it and improves equipment and asset management. At the touch of a button on a wearable device, staff and personnel can ask for reinforcements. If a patient falls or leaves their location against doctors’ orders, the advanced positioning system technology can alert staff right away and track movement in real time.

Having the right tools is an absolute necessity in the healthcare industry, especially in the case of an emergency. RTLS can find medical equipment within sub-meter accuracy and check the status of ER patients by tracking wait times and monitoring conditions.

Incidents of violence in hospitals are increasing but adding a real-time location system in your hospital gives you more situational awareness. Staff duress buttons ensure staff can quickly and easily call for help when needed. In the event of an emergency, security can locate the situation and respond faster. You can also monitor activity within quarantine zones and be alerted right away of any boundary breaches, trace contact and location history of people in case of an infectious outbreak, and track patients through wearable devices to ensure they do not wander into unsafe areas. RTLS also allow you to grant or deny access to specific areas throughout your facility through ID badges and tags.

RTLS offer insights and data that can help you focus your time, efforts, and money on areas that matter the most. Instead of checking closets for hidden or hoarded equipment, hospital staff can refer to  an exact location on their RTLS map. Instead of feeling disorganized, personnel can locate the exact position of who or what they need, and take the most direct route to them, creating a better flow of people throughout the building.

Real-time locating software can also automate inventory, alert users of medication expiration dates, maintain optimal temperatures for medication, track assets and avoid inventory losses, and gather detailed reports on patient care to prevent lawsuits and malpractice.

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Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. has a team of professionals standing by ready to resolve your personnel and asset tracking challenges. We understand the rapid changes taking place in the healthcare technology industry and want to do our part to help you provide a better patient journey, improve staff engagement and reduce stress throughout your organization.

We are dedicated to solving your greatest communication, safety, and security challenges with cost-effective planning, design, installation, implementation, service, training and maintenance. Our RTLS solutions minimize risk, maximize efficiency and provide peace of mind for everyone in your facility. We will take the time to understand your unique needs and then install a cost-effective system that reflects where you are now, and where you want to go next.   

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