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Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is a leader in low voltage systems integration, specializing in audiovisual, nurse call, fire alarm, security cameras, access control, and intercom systems.

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Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is proud to be a leading systems integration company in the Midwest. We provide organizations in a diverse range of industries with the seamless integration and innovative solutions they need to better serve their customers, patients, employees and visitors. Our services are reliable, cutting-edge, innovative and cost-effective, allowing you to have confidence in your systems and your future.

We can integrate your existing technology and systems with additional solutions that are optimized for your facility, or we can make cost-effective migrations from outdated systems to new models.

From designing automated announcement systems for businesses, to installing patient protection systems at hospitals, we understand the importance of integrated solutions that bring people and technology together. Unlike other systems integration companies, we blend our technical expertise with hands-on support to build systems and trusting relationships that work. We achieve this by hiring an experienced team and keeping up with the latest technology.


Communications and safety system integration solutions for every industry.

As a leader in systems integration, we specialize in audio/visual, nurse call, fire alarm, security cameras, access control and intercom systems. We understand the challenges organizations face when trying to provide their people with safe, innovative and user-friendly experiences.

Our Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Michiana teams are passionate about delivering fast, dependable and cost-effective solutions. Let the experts at Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. help you with your next project.

No matter the challenge, we have the solution.

At Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc., we take the time to understand the core of your organization so we can find the best options to fit your needs. Our dedicated team is not only passionate about what we do, but how we do it.

We enhance protection, strengthen your capabilities and support your technology needs through a variety of consultancy services that allow your communication and security systems to fulfill your long-term goals and objectives. We take pride in making sure we know how to best customize your needs so you can succeed in today’s ever-changing environment.

Recent Success Stories

CASE STUDY: Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

After years of building schools, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation in Bartholomew County Indiana found themselves with many different manufacturers and types of school intercom systems. Schools rely on these systems to broadcast daily and emergency communications and sound the bells for the class schedules. Technology has brought many ways for school personnel to communicate (telephone, voice mail, email, mass notification applications) but the school intercom remains the quickest and most reliable method to communicate to an entire building of people at once.

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School Paging Intercom Systems | Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc.

CASE STUDY: Plainfield Community School Corporation

Located in Indiana, Plainfield Community School Corporation was in the market for new school paging intercom systems for three of its elementary schools. The manufacturer of their current systems no longer existed and the district knew it was only a matter of time before the aged products needed an update. Staying proactive, John Crum, Director of Technology for Plainfield Community School Corporation, invited Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. and three other companies to propose new systems.

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