Better Care and Better Patient Outcomes with Vizabli

Better Care and Better Patient Outcomes with Vizabli


Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership with Vizabli to provide Midwest hospitals with an innovative state-of-the-art Acute Care Engagement System.

Historically, hospitals have relied upon outdated dry erase boards for staff, patient and family communication in patient rooms. While this, and other outdated protocols, have provided a basic level of communication, 60 percent of surveyed nurses reported not using the dry erase or magnet boards due to lack of time, lost markers or misplaced magnets. Clinicians also reported frustrations with the inability to readily update information.

With Vizabli, ACES nurses and clinicians can easily communicate with each other and patients in real time.

The Vizabli Nexus Server integrates clinical and infrastructure systems to process data and distribute it to Vizabli devices in real time. Vizabli allows clinicians to receive up-to-the-minute information and seamlessly input data directly to the hospital’s Electronic Health Records (EHR). Data can also upload to the Real Time Locating Service (RTLS), nurse call system, imaging provider, patient education, pharmacy, and others via Vizabli smartboards, tablets and mobile apps. Vizabli also allows families and healthcare providers to safely engage via video conferencing and translation services.

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Vizabli’s Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) makes real-time data visible to the right people, when and where it is needed. It gives back countless hours to nurses by eliminating the need to update and maintain dry erase boards in the patient rooms and the nurses’ station. Fairchild Communication Systems and Vizabli — connecting people and technology.



The Vizabli suite of smartboards includes a patient room smartboard, bedside touchscreen, patient door smartboard and nurses’ station smartboards.

The Vizabli solution is modular and scalable, meaning the hospital can determine which system modules to integrate and whether to include the full suite of smartboards or only select smartboards for specific areas.

Team Viz, the safe and secure Vizabli mobile app, gives clinicians the ability to easily access and update patient information, manage room status, execute rounding scripts and workflows, view staff visit logo, receive messages and more.

Circle Viz is a patient and family mobile app designed to increase patient/family engagement and communication including a video bridge to the patient smartboard or bedside smartboard to allow family video conferencing.


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