Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. All-Stars Make Sure NBA All-Stars 2024 Goes Off Without a Hitch

Full-Service Project: Pacers Entertainment Complex

Indianapolis will host the NBA All-Stars in February 2024 at the new Pacers entertainment complex known as Commission Row. A collaboration between Cunningham Restaurant Group and Pacers Sports & Entertainment, this 30,000 square foot facility is home to multiple dining and entertainment venues, including Mel’s, an underground speakeasy, Commission Row, a street-level restaurant, and Above, a dedicated private event space with views of the ice-skating park and Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that, for the past six months, our own all-star team has been working hard to make sure the debut of Commission Row during the NBA All-Stars games goes off without a hitch, or should we say glitch? The Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. team artfully integrated technology into the architecture of the venue, with carefully placed speakers, projectors, and other technology strategically placed for maximum effect and minimal impact on the architectural design and ambience of the space. Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. partnered with ATEC Electric and Shiel Sexton to complete the technology work designed by KBSO Consulting for this unique and memorable space.