Irving Materials Quarry

In the quarry business, when machines get damaged, so does the bottom-line.

When Irving Materials, Inc., a local supplier of crushed stone, sand, gravel and winter ice melters, needed a solution that would help them keep an eye on their machinery, our communications experts came up with a detailed plan to meet their needs.

Plant managers need to be able to monitor the grinding equipment so that they could respond quickly to jams or other malfunctions. The sooner they react to restart the equipment or reverse the conveyors, the more money is saved by avoiding downtime.

Irving Materials, Inc.’s solutions were easy to access and install but could not stand up to the harsh working conditions related to digging, grinding and moving heavy equipment. Therefore, they were either installing, repairing or replacing low-grade standard analog cameras for coaxial cable surveillance systems frequently.

“After years of constant problems, we were ready to try something better,” said Stoney Creek Plant Manager Tim Burke.

Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. Sales Representative Charlie Hornett worked with the Irving Materials, Inc. team to design a digital system with wireless transmission from strategically placed cameras to the observation tower. The system provides reliable surveillance via a direct line of sight between the wireless receiver and the cameras.

This innovative solution gives the quarry staff access to high-quality images that can be seen in direct sunlight or shadows, as well in tricky times, like twilight. It also enables continuous monitoring – even in the quarry’s harsh environment, where equipment is regularly subjected to heavy dust and full weather exposure.

“We’ve been really amazed at how reliable Fairchild’s solution has been! The equipment they used has proven to be dependable and durable, and the images are much better. We’ve saved thousands of dollars with reduced downtime of the monitored equipment,” said Burke.

Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. was excited for the opportunity to complete this truly unique installation, where we deployed our industry-leading life safety systems to monitor operational efficiency. As a team, we enjoy problem-solving to help meet our client’s needs and are always ready to design a project that provide a cost-effective solution.

Systems installed by Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc.:

  • Eight 4-megapixel IP67-rated cameras, including 2 that are mounted in underground tunnels
  • Engenius EnStation outdoor wireless access point with special enclosures
  • Network video recorder