Paging FCS – Emergency Service Needed at IPS Shortridge High School

Paging FCS – Emergency Service Needed at IPS Shortridge High School

At Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc., we maintain a forward operating base status so that we’re always ready to respond to calls for emergency service. On Thursday, October 26th, we received an urgent call from Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) that the intercom system at Shortridge High School had died. While emergency calls are not unusual, this specific emergency service call resulted in our team performing an emergency transplant surgery!

In true Fairchild fashion, our team sprang into action, quickly identifying a “donor” school willing to part with a newer NyQuist system they no longer needed. By end-of-day, we had successfully devised an intercom “transplant plan” for shifting the NyQuist system between schools.

FCS intercom experts, Dan Hemphill and Demetrius Fuller, extracted the NyQuist system from the donor school the next day and immediately transported it to Shortridge High.

Joined by Todd Michelfelder, our tech team worked over the weekend to make sure the new system was installed correctly. Our staff, led by Jenny Mondy with assistance from Drew Henderson, got to work in the tricky Bogen licensing biosystem to ensure that the proper licensing and purchase paperwork were in order so the transplant wouldn’t be rejected.

By the time school started on Monday, the 31st, the new Bogen NyQuist system was fully installed and all of Shortridge’s 175 call points and critical public address functions were operational!