CASE STUDY: Plainfield Community School Corporation

Plainfield Community School Corporation, located in central Indiana, was in the market for new school paging intercom systems for three of its elementary schools. The manufacturer of their outdated systems no longer existed and the district knew it was only a matter of time before a failure of the unsupported system could leave the schools without the means to communicate effectively; a serious security risk. John Crum, Director of Technology for Plainfield Community School Corporation, conferred with school principals and administrators to find out what they wanted in the new systems. As the primary users of the systems, they requested user-friendly systems that were flexible, required low maintenance and took up less wall space. The corporation invited Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. and three other companies to propose new systems.

The team of professionals at Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. was awarded the contract based upon their history of successful projects with the school corporation, their vast experience with customized communication solutions for schools and because the Bogen Nyquist system they recommended provided more beneficial features than the principals requested. Further, the Bogen Nyquist system was a cost-effective solution because it could be deployed using the schools existing speakers and cabling.

Since the installation was taking place during the school year, the experienced project management team at Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. organized the project schedule so that each school would have less than a day of not being able to make announcements and sending bell schedule tones. Once installed, Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. technicians tested the system and trained the administration how to most effectively use the interface.

With Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc.’s comprehensive services and the state-of-the-art Bogen Nyquist equipment, the principals were able to modify intercom paging and zones, implement bell scheduling, program music, and much more, tightening the school’s overall security communications plans. The principals and administrators at all three schools were very pleased with the outcome. At Central Elementary, they were particularly impressed because an oversized outdated rack of equipment that once partially blocked a walkway was replaced with a sleek new wall mount cabinet that secured all the components discreetly (see photos).


“The customer service was excellent,” Principal of Central Elementary School Julie Thacker said. “The professional technicians were very helpful and provided hands-on training to help me learn the new system. Since having it, we’ve seen significant improvements in sound quality and have been able to program in every room, which has made a huge difference for our school.”

Since installation, the Bogen Nyquist paging and intercom systems at all three Plainfield Community Schools have proven to be easy to use, stress-free and reliable. Thanks to Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. and Bogen Nyquist, the principals and administration can focus on doing what they do best, while knowing they have a trusted partner to keep their communication systems safe and secure.

Plainfield Community School PA System