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Intercom systems for schools, hospitals, healthcare institutions and commercial buildings are a unified, effective way to provide real-time mass communication. Protecting the safety of those inside your building should always be the top priority, which is why intercom systems are a necessity.

The presence of an intercom system that can integrate with other security systems, such as video/CCTV, is an effective way to keep everyone in your building informed and safe and allows you to respond quickly to emergency situations.

At Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc., we always provide our customers with state-of-the-art emergency communications solutions. The products we use are more than just intercoms and paging systems — they are accessible anywhere, allow for custom scheduling of alerts and custom map graphics, easily integrate with many existing security systems to deploy emergency notifications, and include failure prevention technology during high-risk events like lockdowns.

Intercoms are powerful systems managed by a desktop interface that can reach any individual room or groups of rooms in a zone. Anyone who uses the system can call the base station, making it a simple, two-way communication tool that can be upgraded by adding other technological features like speakers, clocks and LED message boards. Not only is this communication easy, but it is also fast, which is imperative when safety issues arise.

Benefits of an Intercom System


What can you do with an intercom system?

Your building is full of important assets and individuals, so it is important to keep them secure. Investing in an intercom system will not only boost safety, but pay off in the long run when safeguarding properties, assets and employees.  

Intercom systems save time and unify building-wide communication by making communication among different rooms and spaces easier and faster. Your faculty, employees and other personnel can relay messages in real-time, broadcast important announcements and streamline communication practices.  

When you invest in an intercom system, you can deter criminals and lessen the likelihood of criminal activity on your property. Criminals are less likely to target facilities with known monitoring practices and barriers to easy entry.  

Protect Your People with an Intercom System  

Fairchild Communications, Inc. has two decades of experience completing intercom system installation work in facilities in every industry. If you’re ready to enhance the safety and communication of your building, let us help you install a comprehensive intercom system that suits your unique needs. 

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Located in Indiana, Plainfield Community School Corporation was in the market for new school paging intercom systems for three of its elementary schools. The manufacturer of their current systems no longer existed and the district knew it was only a matter of time before the aged products needed an update. Staying proactive, John Crum, Director of Technology for Plainfield Community School Corporation, invited Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. and three other companies to propose new systems.

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