Metropolitan School District of Pike Township

Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. has provided audio/visual and telecommunication services for the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township in the past. Over the summer, we were proud to assist in the renovation of classroom technology updates for many of the district’s schools.

Before the 2018-2019 school year started, the school district wanted to update classroom technology in 180 different locations. Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. provided its expertise to replace large screen displays and projectors with new high performing technology in its classrooms. High-resolution video projectors were installed and are capable of wirelessly mirroring mobile devices and tablet-style computers. This helps teachers instruct seamlessly with the flexibility to use their computer and mobile devices. Student devices can also be displayed. The classrooms were also equipped with supplemental speakers and amplification to further enhance the media use.

“Pike Township has been a long-time client,” Sales and Marketing Director Matt Ranft said. “We are impressed that they have a cycle of technology refreshment and are pleased to help students stay ahead of trends and experience lessons enhanced with great quality media.