Tis the season: Using video surveillance to deter holiday retail theft

While the holiday season is often referred to as a season of giving, unfortunately well more than 1 million shoplifters, organized crime rings and dishonest employees target commercial retailers during the holiday shopping season. The National Retail Federation’s 2019 National Retail Security Survey estimates the industry to face an annual $50 billion impact across inventory-shrinking […]


Low-light camera technology illuminating new strides in video security

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism costs an average $3,370. Imagine facing this nightmare scenario as a business owner: Your building is broken into or vandalized during overnight hours. Your video surveillance system was doing its job and captured the incident — even getting a decent look at the […]

Fairchild Sales Representative

Eyes in the sky help across all industries

Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. is all about integration, bringing people and technology together to get the job done — whatever that job may be. When it comes to our industry-leading video cameras and surveillance systems, most often that job includes keeping a watchful eye on public places…

How commercial security systems can protect and benefit your business

According to FBI crime statistics, there’s a burglary in the United States as frequent as every 12 seconds, leading to $3.4 billion in property and personal loss annually. A commercial electronic security system is your business’ best defense against crime and can even reduce insurance costs.

Sparking innovation and fueling advancements in fire alarms

As smoke detector and fire alarm technology has improved, it’s no coincidence the number of fire deaths has drastically decreased. More Americans are protecting their homes, businesses and properties with sensors, detectors and alarms that can respond in a moment’s notice and alert residents, employees, guests and more to exit their building.

Improving the education experience through technology

The uses of technology in our world today are endless, widespread and constantly evolving. Within the education setting, high-tech developments are creating a range of influences on students’ learning, impacting how teachers teach and how schools keep students, staff and visitors safe. […]